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Who we are

        From time immemorial nature has held the keys to how humans evolved and transformed into the future. It is our belief that personal immersion,
familiarity, and confidence in the outdoors can enable us to once again access this guidance for a healthier world

        Our hands-on field courses and subtle ‘coyote’ teaching methods reconnect youth with the virtues and intricacies of the natural environment. By gently guiding students beyond the imbalances of our modern high-tech world, they can discover a deep appreciation for nature, and themselves, through the original skills and time-tested technologies of our ancestors, using a creative, supportive and fun loving approach.

         Practicing Coyote Mentoring methods, we “meet each child where they are... and gently – almost invisibly – coax them beyond the edge of what they know.”

What we do

OiN official logo

        From my perspective human existence as we know it is on the brink of equitable transformation or chaotic reorganization... North American Society would have us believe that we must conform, fall in line behind the rest of the zombies steered so easily by their electronic device or divisive governments. "Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the one less traveled by..." My path has taken me to places I would never have dreamed possible, Outstanding in Nature (OiN) strives to bring the participants of our programs to that "yellow wood" and after thoroughly exploring it, maybe building a shelter or starting a friction fire we aim to empower them to step off confidently, knowing in which direction they travel and why.

        We intend to help build a community of compassionate people who find meaning and purpose in the things they do. Our school programs and summer camps reach out to the youngest members of our community, gently guiding them to a greater understanding of themselves and their surroundings. 

         Apprenticeship programs, mentorship training and place based projects allow youth and young adults to explore the range of their skill base and hone their edges. Parent/child focused programs, parent relationships with children, mentorship opportunities and weekend workshops help adults to find their niche in the system. Our elders constantly guide our actions and help us to slow down and appreciate our surroundings, "life is a journey, not a destination" and in return we seek them out, listen to their stories and tell some of our own or just open the door in their time of need.

        OiN will introduce a way of "being" in this world that is tangible to all ages and personality types. For us it is not necessarily the path you choose, but how you walk that path. When the journey ends it is also about looking back to savor the best and worst parts in order to bring forward only the necessary "tools" which will facilitate your future adventures; for it is that, which will "make all the difference." Erin Carr

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