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About Erin Carr

        Erin is the leader of Outstanding in Nature program, that was always his dream business. He is very passionate about survival skills, nature exploration and building sustainable community. Having two kids of his own, his focus is in bringing nature back to children's lives. He currently lives with his partner and son in Kaslo, BC.

        "Raised in the Rocky Mountains of Montana, I developed a close relationship with the land at a young age and was taught to respect and honor the natural world. Years of military service added valuable leadership skills and the ability to communicate and understand group dynamics in adverse conditions. It also sparked a transition away from consumerism and a realization that our social construct has crippled our ability to mimic natural systems which can guide
our moral behavior. I’ve come to understand that nature based education is key to restoring balance for people of all ages heavily influenced by temporary 
technological solutions.

        My formal training includes over 120 hours in Wilderness Survival Instructor Course and a Bachelor of Science in Renewable Energy. My passion lies in teaching survival and naturalist skills, connecting youth with nature, ecosystem assessment and natural integration as well as documenting personal progression through observations in nature from a Coyote Mentoring perspective."

Wilderness Skills Certificate
BS Environmental Science and Renewable Energy
Hiking Guide

OCC Certificate
Wilderness First Aid

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