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About Jane Gao

        Jane is a major assistant instructor for Outstanding in Nature program. She is also the one who contributed endless efforts to help establish this program as a sustainable business since the idea came to life. She is a scientist with deep knowledge and passion for nature. She is the author of Little Mountain Chikadee program for small children. She lives with her partner and son in Argenta, BC.


        "My background includes: a B.Sc in Ecology and Conservation Biology from UBC. I have worked as a field biologist throughout Coastal and Interior BC. My work has mainly focused on plant and aquatic ecology.
I am currently a community environmental educator for the Wild Voices for Kids program through Columbia Basin Environmental Education Network (CBEEN). I am also a certified hiking guide through Outdoor Council of Canada, and hold a Wilderness First Aid Certificate. My passion lies in sharing my knowledge and help people of all ages to cultivate a deep appreciation and understanding to the ecosystems we live in."

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